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My Snoring Solution is a very good snoring prevention device.

The main aim of the jaw supporter is to keep the mouth closed and hold it in position so the jaw or more importantly the tongue, does not fall backwards during sleep and block the air passage.The tongue is attached to the lower jaw and if the jaw moves backwards when we sleep, it can block our air passage.

I have included this device in my review of products for a few different reasons:

1.  People who wear FULL dentures cannot use the Mandibular mouthpieces.

2.  Not everyone will want to use a mouthpiece for their own reasons.

3.  Some people have tried mouthpieces but cannot adjust to them.

4.  It is another great alternative snoring prevention device.

5.  I found it to work well for me and that it was VERY comfortable.

If you have come directly to my Stop Snoring Solutions website please make sure you read the article I have written linking Sleep Apnea, Snoring and Cancer. It is a very important article and is based on a study just completed by US/Spanish scientists conducted over 22 years involving 1522 people.


My Snoring Solution Chin Strap

My Snoring Solution Chin Strap

I will cover the following topics in this review of My Snoring Solution:

  • How Popular Is The Jaw Support
  • What Is It And How Does It Work
  • Cost of The Jaw Strap
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Positives And Negatives
  • Where Do You Buy It
  • Video Demonstration
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation


How Popular Is The Jaw Support

If we search for the name “My Snoring Solution” on Google’s keyword analyzer it reveals 6,600 searches per month.

Whilst the statistics tell us it is not receiving as many searches as some other products it is still an excellent result. To place it into context, the device has been on sale for 10 years and is still attracting large number of searches each and every month.   I would certainly draw positive conclusions from these statistic. I would love to have this many people all over the world looking at this web site after 10 years.

The main reason why  My Snoring Solution is still very popular is for what I believe are the following reasons:

1.  It is a very good alternative to the more popular devices……mouthpieces.  Some people cannot wear mouthpieces.

2.  The value for money is good – discuss this in detail below.

3.  It can be more comfortable than a mouthpiece in some instances.

4.  It is International – available all over the world.

5.  90 day money back guarantee – well in excess of its competitors.


What Is It And How Does It Work

In the majority of instances, “Simple Snoring” as it is called, is caused by the collapsing of soft tissue in the rear of the throat which restricts the movement of air through the air passage. This excessive soft tissue is also effected by the tongue which is attached to the lower jaw and is quite an extensive piece of tissue.

When we sleep, all this soft tissue relaxes and so does the tongue muscles. As we sleep the tongue can fall backwards into the throat and add to the air flow restrictions.

What My Snoring Solution does is it holds the mouth closed and more importantly it helps to reduce the backward movement of the tongue. It does not move the bottom jaw forward in the same way as a mouthpiece but it does seem to hold the jaw in place quite effectively.

This diagram provides a good illustration

How My Snoring Solution Works

How My Snoring Solution Works


CLICK HERE to view a video on the Official My Snoring Solution website


Cost Of The Jaw Strap

The cost of My Snoring Solution when you first see it appears to be expensive BUT in real terms it is actually CHEAP.

The price is $119.97 but you get TWO not just one.

You choose the additional cost of postage of between $9.95 – $29.95. This is pretty cheap as well.

It appears the marketing gurus have advised that the BOGO sales practice [Buy One Get One Free] is a good strategy and so they are running with this and obtaining strong results.

I have to agree with them. I like it as well. This is one of their ads.

Buy One Get One Free

As I said, in real terms, the chin strap is cheap, especially when you consider they last well over 12 months.

If you compared the cost to some mouthpieces which are around the same price but last half the time, you could certainly argue that it is priced very well.

In addition to the two chin straps, they throw in an American Medical Review DVD plus The Seven Steps To Successful sleeping book.

There is no way you should say no to trying the chin strap because of the price.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I have completed a significant amount of research on and off the internet, and I have not come across any other product that offers a 90 day money back guarantee.90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have…..please go to my Contact page and let me know.

You will certainly know if My Snoring Solution will work for you or not by then. The guarantee has some conditions attached but most guarantees do.

Well done to the company for being a leader in this regard.

Positives And Negatives

I believe this is one of the most important sections of the review of any product. It is easy to write about how good something is but many of the reviews I read never cover both aspects, or if they do, they don’t go into great detail.

I believe you can always tell a lot about the credibility of a “Review” from the Pro’s and Con’s.

Here are what I see as the critical issues concerning My Snoring Solution:


🙂 The price is a strong point. Each unit costs approximately $60.00 and will last you a minimum of 12 months – Excellent

🙂 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – Excellent

🙂 Available Internationally – Excellent

🙂 Has been on sale for 10 years – longevity in this industry speaks volume for the product – Excellent

🙂 Simple safe construction. It is also very comfortable wearing it – Excellent

🙂 Has a range of sizes to choose from – Excellent

🙂 Anyone can wear one – people with full dentures cannot use mouthpieces so this is a strong sales point.

🙂 Testimonial on website are extensive – The Federal Trade Commission in the USA  is very strict about falsifying testimonials so if you see named/location/pictured testimonials on websites, then you can believe them.

My Snoring Solution


🙁 No FDA clearance appears to have been obtained – whilst this is not critical, I would love to have seen this certification. The US Food and Drug Authority clearance would mean it has been officially cleared as safe, and proven to do what it says it does. The company is not obliged to have this clearance and I am going to suggest, the reason My Snoring Solution has the 90 day Money Back Guarantee is to offset the lack of FDA clearance –  It would be fair to assume that you would have worked out if the jaw supporter is going to work for you before the ninety day period expires.

🙁 The return policy has taken some extra criticism from users. All returns are subject to a 25% environmental waste disposal fee because they are worn close to the mouth and as a result may contain respiratory diseases and airborne illnesses. As a result they are hygienically disposed of at a cost, and the consumer bears the cost. Forum feedback suggests this cost is somewhat elevated and unfair – I guess at the end of the day if it works for you then it is not an issue.

🙁 You could argue that there is not really a FULL money back guarantee based on the 25% disposal fee. Would like to see some work on this by the company.

🙁 The return policy is very detailed and restrictive. You are required to use only certain carriers who track parcels. If you are buying from outside of the USA it can be a expensive exercise  – Again it is only going to be an issue if you are returning it.

🙁 You can only purchase over the internet and if you are not comfortable doing this then you have a problem.

🙁 Nowhere on the website does it tell you what the product is made of.

🙁 Uncomfortable and digs into the head. I have seen a few complaints on the web mentioning this but to be honest, mine was not uncomfortable in the slightest. There are three sizes and I am going to “suggest” those experiencing this will have more than likely ordered the wrong size. It fits firmly, as it should, but it was not uncomfortable.

Weighing up the Positives and Negatives I believe the Positive are well ahead. I would love to have seen the FDA clearance but the 90 Guarantee covers most of this shortfall.

Where Do You Buy It

You can only buy My Snoring Solutions over the internet from their official website. As I said in my summary of the Pro’s and Con’s, if you are not comfortable buying online then you will have a problem.

CLICK HERE to go directly to My Snoring Solution official website

Personally I don’t have an issue with this at all. I actually prefer shopping online and believe it is one of the most convenient ways of shopping. I have been doing it for many years now and have never experienced a problem.

Any links on this page will only ever take you to the OFFICIAL website.

Video Demonstration

Whist you can see what it looks like from the images provided, I always find looking at some video makes it easier to see what it really looks like so I have made this relatively short video.

Video is larger for better viewing.

Content of video

  • Intro
  • What you get
  • Close up look at the device
  • Wearing my jaw strap – what it looks like on
  • Summary

Please don’t leave a comment and tell me I look great wearing it. My wife does a great job doing that already….ha ha.

Hope you find the video useful.

Additional Sleeping Support To Compliment My Snoring Solution

If you are like many snorers and non-snorers you may find it difficult to actually get to sleep at night.Alteril Sleep Aid

No doubt your partner will experience issues during the night with your snoring problem and this sleep aid called Alteril may help you both out.

Take a look at the article I have written about this “All Natural” sleep aid. It has a pretty good reputation and seems to have no major issues associated with it.

Certainly wouldn’t do any harm to give it a try…..and your partner may reap the rewards even more than you.

My Conclusion / Recommendation

My Snoring Solution is a proven method to control snoring. It has been online for over 10 years now and to still be successfully selling after this period of time does say a lot about it.

I would be happy to recommend it to anyone, in particular to those people who are wearing full dentures. Unfortunately people who wear FULL dentures cannot use the popular “Mandibular” designed mouthpieces.

My personal preference is a mouthpiece, read my SnoreRx Reviews, but that is just my preference and it may not suit you.

If a mouthpiece is not for you, for your own reasons, then I would strongly recommend you give My Snoring Solution a try. It is made from very comfortable material and certainly does not feel uncomfortable when you wear it to bed. I had no trouble with mine what so ever.

It is a simple and very non-threatening looking device, and in my opinion these simple solutions are most of the time the best.

Do You Wear Dentures But Don’t Like The Chin Strap – Try This

I have recently added a review of a mouthpiece called Good Morning Snore Solution to the website. The beauty of this mouthpiece is that it is NOT a mandibular forward moving mouthpiece and will suit people who wear dentures and/or have expensive dental work they do not want to risk using the normal mouthpieces.

It will also suit people who have TMJ or cannot cope with soreness from a normal mouthpiece.

Good Morning Snore Solution comes with an extremely low return rate of 2%, a 30 day money back guarantee and Free postage to the USA and Canada.


Don’t forget to read my article titled Sleep Apnea Is Linked To Cancer. It covers people who snore as well.

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