Photos Of My SnoreRx


To better illustrate the SnoreRx mouthpiece I have taken some photographs of my own mouthpiece.  It has already been molded to fit me and you will clearly see that.

There is a SnoreRx video demonstration available on the website as well. Go to the SnoreRx Reviews page and scroll down to view the video.

The pale blue you can see is the molding. To set the molding to suit your bite you insert SnoreRx into boiling water then bite down on it. It will mold around your teeth and as a result improves the fit, grip and comfort. The feel is great and is a MUST if you ever decide to try one out.

The Calibrator is the key to the success of the mouthpiece. You can adjust it back and forth in increments of 1mm to suit your personal requirements.  Full flexibility.

The purpose of the Calibrator is to move the lower jaw forward and as a result opens up the airways at the rear of the throat.

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Latest Release

New Clear Design

Top View

Top View – Molding Completed

Molding completed

Front View

Calibrator Located On Both Sides

View From Side

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