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Pure Sleep has been around since at least 2007 and is manufactured in the USA and marketed internationally. It is a fixed hinge snoring cures, stop snoring mouthpiece.

If you have arrived at the Pure Sleep Reviews page within my Stop Snoring Solutions website, then there is something I would like you to do before you leave the site.

There is a very important article I have written about a study recently completed by USA and Spanish scientists. The study involved 1522 people, lasted over 22 years and reveals links between people who suffer from Sleep Apnea or snoring with Cancer.

The article is titled Sleep Apnea Is Linked To Cancer. Please read it.

Pure Sleep Mouthpiece

Pure Sleep Mouthpiece

In this Pure Sleep Reviews I will cover the following:

  • How Popular Is Pure Sleep
  • What Is Pure Sleep And How Does It Work
  • Cost of Pure Sleep
  • Positives And Negatives Of Pure Sleep
  • Where Do You Buy Pure Sleep
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation


How Popular Is Pure Sleep

Pure Sleep has been around for a lot longer than many other stop snoring mouthpieces and in this industry you could suggest that this is a good result.

I believe Pure Sleeps popularity is for a variety of reasons:

1.  When it was initially produced, it was one of the first offset mandibular jaw mouthpieces on the market.

2. The lower plate has three settings to suit the individual.

3.  The company marketing plan and cost are attractive – 2 units for $9.95 postage and handling plus $59.90 after 30 days.

4.  It is available internationally – including online purchases.

5.  It can be molded to suit the individual user.

6.  30 day money back guarantee

 This is one of Pure Sleep’s Marketing videos. It gives you an idea how it works.

What Is Pure Sleep And How Does It Work

Pure Sleep is a totally self molded mouthpiece to reduce or stop snoring by holding your mandibular [lower jaw] in a slightly forward position while you sleep. The key to these types of mouthpieces is the function of extending the lower jaw forward.

Pure Sleep works by advancing the lower mandibular, or lower jaw, slightly forward to open up the air passage at the rear of the throat. By opening the air passage it stops vibration which is the snoring noise we are accustomed to hearing.

The mouthpiece is made of two types of FDA cleared plastic. A hard outer cover and softer inner to enable a comfortable and molded fit.

Another very short video from Pure Sleep which shows the clear air passage

created by the forward movement of the lower jaw


This is how Pure Sleep works but you must remember, not everyone has success with mouthpieces. Pure Sleep make a good mouthpiece and it does work to stop snoring but not for everyone.

No single mouthpiece will be a 100% snoring cures. When the FDA provides clearance for mouthpieces like Pure Sleep, they are certifying that it is safe and can be used effectively as a snoring solution. They do not guarantee that everyone using it will have success. This is an absolutely fair assessment by the FDA and it is the same for all mouthpieces.

You can take a small assessment or test for yourself right now to see if you would be a good candidate for a mouthpiece.  Go to my article titled Will A Mouthpiece Work For You – Do This Quiz.

It will give you a very good guide.


Cost Of Pure Sleep

The marketing plan and cost of Pure Sleep is the single biggest “Sales Hook” for the mouthpiece, in my opinion. It is great marketing.

What they do at the initial offer stage is offer you two, for the price of one.

You can try Pure Sleep for $9.95 which covers shipping plus you get a second unit FREE.  If you decide to keep both mouthpieces your credit card will be debited $59.90 after 30 days.  The purchase also includes instructions and travel cases.

This is indeed a strong point for the mouthpiece BUT it should be weighed up against the quality of the product, so be careful to make sure you do this if you are considering a purchase. More information regarding this below.

Any additional purchases are at the cost of $59.90 per unit.

Positives And Negatives Of Pure Sleep

There are always good and bad things about products we buy and this is the list for Pure Sleep As I see them:

Pure Sleep Positives

🙂 The initial price is very attractive – very strong point.
🙂 It is available internationally, with postage being very reasonably priced at between $9.95 – $19.95
🙂 Can be purchased online or at participating Dentists in the USA and Canada.
🙂 Full FDA clearance has been obtained. This is always a big positive.
🙂 There is an ability to chose one of three mandibular settings to suit the individual user.
🙂 Molding is available to suit the individual.
🙂 There are a number of good testimonials on the official website – the Federal Trade Commission will impose harsh penalties on the company if these are found to be falsified.

Pure Sleep

Pure Sleep Negatives

🙁 Whilst the cost of the device at the introductory period is excellent and ongoing costs remain competitive at $59.90, replacement of the mouthpiece is arguably sooner than its competitors. The website says 6-9 months and less if you grind your teeth like I do. My research tells me 6-9 months is somewhat generous with less time experienced by users. This being the case, continual purchases at $59.90 could prove to be an expensive exercise.
🙁 There is no description of the plastics being used in the construction. The FDA have cleared it and this is extremely important and should really be enough, but if I am placing something in my mouth for 8 hours a night, 7 nights a week, I would like to know what it is made of.
🙁 You have a choice of 3 positions to set the lower plate and this is more than some offer but once you have chosen a position and molded the unit, it is set at that position for the life of the mouthpiece. If you get it wrong it may be a waste of your money.
🙁 You can mold the inner part of the mouthpiece by inserting it into boiling water to fit the individual but the molding used is not the most comfortable available. Feedback suggests this is a disappointing aspect of the construction.
🙁 It seems to lose shape after only a short time span and becomes loose despite reheating and remolding.
🙁 Shipping is very delayed and can take up to 3-4 weeks before you receive it. The postage rate is great but why does it take so long.
🙁 If you wear a full denture you cannot use Pure Sleep. This is the same for all mouthpieces using the forward mandibular positioning technique. If this is you then you may be better suited to either a chin strap called My Snoring Solution or a mouthpiece which is NOT a mandibular mouthpiece but has a great reputation. Good Morning Snore Solution has a return rate of an incredible 2% and is accompanied by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Overall I think it is a breakeven situation.

I have to say I am a little disappointed by this because when I started my research it was one of the main ones I looked at for my own personal use. The main reason I was attracted to it was the fact it had been around for a long time.

I do like the introductory price offer and the fact they have gone international. It is one of the best Intro Offers on the market but the quality just doesn’t seem to back it up. I think time has caught up on the Pure Sleep mouthpiece and there are better designs available.

Basic structure of Pure Sleep showing various settings

Pure Sleep Diagram

Pure Sleep Diagram

Where Do You Buy Pure Sleep

You can buy the mouthpiece on the internet just about anywhere in the world. When you go in and place your order you will be able to select your location.

Click Here To Visit The Official Pure Sleep Website

When placing your order you do have to go through a checklist which will qualify you. Not everyone can use one of these types of mouthpieces.  Pure Sleep is a Class II medical device and thereby requires a prescription from a licensed dentist or physician.  This checklist acts as the prescription in terms of the Federal Trade Commission.

Pure Sleep do have Dental and Medical Partner Program which enables people to buy the mouthpieces from Dentists who are members.

Pure Sleep Extra Support

If you are like many other snorers and in fact non-snorers, then you may have difficulties getting to sleep at night and actually maintaining a natural sleep cycle. Alteril Sleep Aid

I have written an article about a natural sleep aid called Alteril.

It is titled Alteril Sleep Aid Reviews and it is well worth taking the time to read it. You, or more importantly your partner, may thank you for it.

Many of the reviews online, in particular Amazon, are very positive about its effectiveness.

It might be something that helps everyone out.


My Conclusion / Recommendation

The mouthpiece has been on the market since 2007.  Its basic design has been proven to work.


In my opinion there are newer designs which I believe have superseded Pure Sleep both in the technical sense and functional sense.

If you want to restrict your spend to roughly the same price as Pure Sleep then I would suggest you try ZQuiet rather than Pure Sleep because it is far more comfortable in the mouth. Click here to read my review of ZQuiet.

If you want to pay a few dollars more, you can certainly pick up a better quality mouthpiece which fits better, feels more comfortable, will last longer and works extremely well. I believe the new SnoreRx mouthpiece is the better than Pure Sleep and is in fact my preferred mouthpiece.


  • The SnoreRx lower plate can be adjusted continually backwards and forwards to suit the individual. Pure Sleep can be set in one of three positions but once it is set you cannot change it. You are able to gradually adjust the SnoreRx calibrator either forwards or backwards as you become more accustomed to each position until you find the one that works for you.
  • There is a full unconditional guarantee with the SnoreRx mouthpiece.
  • The molding is a far better quality as is the construction.
  • It fits in the mouth far better than Pure Sleep. I only have a small mouth and the SnoreRx mouthpiece fits in very easily in contrast to Pure Sleep.

I would certainly recommend you read my SnoreRx Reviews. This is a very new mouthpiece and employs new technology and is my preferred mouthpiece. I have tried a few now and this is by far the best.

Don’t forget to read the article on Sleep Apnea Is Linked To Cancer. It is very important.


If you wear Dentures or you just cant use a mandibular mouthpiece then make sure you check out the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece which has a return rate of a crazy 2% plus has a 30 day money back guarantee or the My Snoring Solution chin strap for total comfort.

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