Will A Mouthpiece Work For You – Do This Quiz

There is a very easy way you can confirm if a forward re-positioned mandibular mouthpiece will work for you.

If you do this quick test and then complete a short Quiz, you will obtain a very solid indication if a mouthpiece will work for you.

If you are not successful, then there is a strong chance your snoring is caused by different reasons.


:-)    Start by closing your mouth and breathing through your nose. Just relax but ensure your normal jaw bite comes together. No need to lie down either.

:-)    Next – you are going to make a snoring vibrations towards the back of your nasal passage and throat. I am sure you know how to make a snoring sound but if you don’t then continue to breath in and out drawing air quickly into the upper and back of your nasal passage and throat to create the vibrations. Bit like doing the – snorting like a pig – sound.

:-)    Next – continue to try and make the snoring noise but before you do [this is important] push your bottom jaw forward but make sure you keep your mouth closed as you do this. Maintain closed lips and mouth.
The key here is to try making the same “Fake” snoring noise you made before but this time with your jaw in a forward position. You may find it difficult to hold your lower jaw in the forward position as you try making the snoring noise. This is why mouthpieces of this kind have been successful.

I am very sure you are experiencing difficulty replicating this “Fake” snoring vibration if you are following these instructions. The simple act of pushing your bottom jaw forward has opened up the air passage at the rear of your throat and doesn’t allow for vibrations.


This Quiz will score you out of 100% to measure your compatibility to use a forward positioning mandibular mouthpiece. A score above 70% will give you a good indication if you should try a mouthpiece.

You can even share your results with your friends on FaceBook and Twitter. Why not try it.

If you have come directly to this page then I would encourage you to read my SnoreRx Reviews and the article linking Sleep Apnea/Snoring to Cancer.

Here Is the Quick Quiz

Will A Mouthpiece Work For You


How often do you snore?


Do you have a medically diagnosed cause for your snoring?


Did you make the snoring noise when you snoring exercise?


Did you stop making the snoring noise by moving your bottom jaw forward?


Have you tried a stop snoring mouthpiece before?

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