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ZQuiet is a USA manufactured mouthpiece and predominately marketed in the United States of America via the internet. It is also available internationally via the internet in many countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland. More details on availability are listed below.

There is something important you should read before you leave my Stop Snoring Solutions website, and that is to ensure you read the article I have written linking Sleep Apnea and snoring to Cancer.

The article is titled Sleep Apnea Is Linked To Cancer.

It is a summary of a study by USA and Spanish scientists and was completed over 22 years and involved 1522 people. The studies findings where released on the 20th May 2012.

Lets get into the ZQuiet Review – First thing you need to know is that ZQuiet does work. I have used it and it works. I am not a big snorer, but I have used it effectively.


 Some photos of my ZQuiet mouthpiece

In Travel Case

Top ViewSide View

This review is an in depth one and contains the following information:

  • How Popular Is ZQuiet
  • What Is ZQuiet And How Does It Work
  • Will ZQuiet Work For You
  • ZQuiet – The U.S.A. FDA
  • ZQuiet Testimonials And The Federal Trade Commission
  • Cost Of ZQuiet – 30 Day Trial for $9.95
  • Positives And Negatives Of ZQuiet
  • ZQuiet Mouthpiece Video Demonstration
  • ZQuiet Complaints
  • Where Do You Buy ZQuiet
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation

How Popular Is ZQuiet

ZQuiet is one of the most popular mouthpieces on the market. At the time this article was written ZQuiet was currently attracting approximately 27,000 searches in Google each month. This is an industry high for a prefabricated snoring mouthpiece.

Why is it so popular?

1.    The special design feature – it has a “Living Hinged” design and is a universal fit. The construction makes it easy to fit any user and it is soft and comfortable.  No other mouthpiece on the market has a “Living Hinged” design.

2.   It has a fixed and offset bottom jaw plate which creates a modest forward movement of the the lower jaw which is the key ingredient to successfully stopping snoring. You can see the offset in the right hand photo above.

3.   It has a 30 day trial available for just $9.95 which covers postage.  You can return it prior to the 30 day trial if you are not happy with it and it has only cost you postage and handling both ways. If you keep it you are billed for $79.95 a month later.

4.  ZQuiet has a pretty good lifespan compared to some competitors.

5.  The marketing has been well done. Media coverage has been extensive.

6.   It is marketed and sold worldwide.


What Is ZQuiet And How Does It Work

ZQuiet is a one piece prefabricated mouthpiece, manufactured in the USA and used to treat snoring.

The mouthpiece is made of a thermoplastic elastomer designed to meet FDA compliance. The material used has passed strict consumer safety testing plus it does not contain latex or BPA (Bisphenol A). It is a very safe device.

When most people snore the snoring noise is created by soft tissue vibrating in the rear of the throat. The best method used to stop this vibration is to widen the air passage so these tissues are not impinged as much and therefore eliminates the snoring process.

ZQuiet is known to duplicate the very same methods utilized by dentists for well over 25 years to help address their patients’ snoring problems.

ZQuiet is confident the device will work the same day you take it out of the packet because it is a universal fit. It is engineered to work in this exact manner and as a result saves the consumer from an expensive visit to a Dentist.

If you wear a full denture then ZQuiet will not work for you however there is an alternative. Read my review on My Snoring Solution for a pretty good alternative.


This diagram will give you a good understanding of the design features

ZQuiet's Living Hinge

ZQuiet’s Living Hinge


Will ZQuiet Work For You

The easiest way to understand how the snoring noise is generated and how ZQuiet works is to follow a quick self assessment.

Take this small test and then do the quiz at the end.

Snoring TEST

  • To start with you will need to close your mouth and let your normal bite come together.
  • Now try and make the snoring noises through the rear of your throat and nasal passage. Breathe in quickly through your nose, making sure your mouth remains closed at all times. It’s not too difficult to do with a bit of practice and it is very much like when you where a child and you would make the snorting sound to imitate a pig.
    You may have experienced the same noise when you have experienced a head cold and you draw air in through your semi-blocked nose.
  • The next step is to try doing it again but before you do, extend your lower jaw forward, making sure to keep your mouth closed. You should attempt to make the same vibration [snorting] noise at the rear of your throat and nasal passage. You may very well find it difficult to do this time or if you do, the noise has significantly reduced in volume.

Take your time and try it a few times. It takes a few minutes to understand the principles behind the function. Your results will score you out of 100%.

When you have finished this exercise do the short quiz below. It will give you a very good indication of whether you will find satisfaction from using the device or in fact ANY mouthpiece. Anything from 70% is a good qualifying score to try a mouthpiece.

The quiz only has 5 questions and when you have finished it you can even share the results with your friends and family via Twitter and FaceBook.

Have fun.

Will A Mouthpiece Work For You


How often do you snore?


Do you have a medically diagnosed cause for your snoring?


Did you make the snoring noise when you snoring exercise?


Did you stop making the snoring noise by moving your bottom jaw forward?


Have you tried a stop snoring mouthpiece before?

 ZQuiet – The U.S.A. FDA

A very significant point to make to support the credibility of the mouthpiece as a safe snoring device, is the fact ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose. ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA.

The US Food and Drug Administration is a significantly influential health watchdog. It is very instrumental in providing protecting to USA citizens. In this case its objective it to protect people from scams and from products that do not meet their claims.

I am sure many you may have already tried other solutions to help you with your snoring problem and I am equally sure some of these would not have obtained the necessary FDA class II medical device classification.


Testimonials And The Federal Trade Commission

For many years I have completely disregarded testimonials on websites as being just another marketing ploy by the owner of the site.

Not any more.

When assessing the credibility of products, you should certainly consider the significant number of named and pictured testimonials they have on their official web site. They even have some video testimonials.

The explanation you are waiting for is this. The Federal Trade Commission penalizes companies very heavily these days if they place unsubstantiated testimonials in there advertising or on their websites.

In the past just about everyone would include a good selection of testimonials on their sites. It was accepted by most of us that many of these testimonials were misleading at best.

Thankfully the Federal Trade Commission are aware of this and it is why they impose these large penalties on companies who breach the condition.

You can feel much more comfortable these days when businesses display testimonials on their website.

ZQuiet Founders Interviewed on the TV show “The Balancing Act”

Cost – 30 Day Trial for $9.95

Many of the companies marketing online will have a sales “Hook” to motivate the buyer to buy with them. ZQuiet has done exactly that with a very interesting up front offer.

They have approached the sales offer in a somewhat different manner and it seems to be popular. They are offering people the ability to trial ZQuiet for a introductory period of 30 days for only the cost of postage and admin.

The cost is only $9.95.

ZQuiet - 30 Day Trial

ZQuiet – 30 Day Trial

The 30 day trial period commences from the time you receive your ZQuiet. Shipment includes a ZQuiet plus small plastic travel case and instructions on how to use your ZQuiet to solve your snoring problem.

You have 35 days from the shipment date before your credit card is debited for the remaining balance of $79.95. So in actual fact your first ZQuiet will cost you $9.95 + $79.95 if you decide to continue after the 30 day trial.

However if you are not happy with your ZQuiet you can simply call a ZQuiet counselor prior to the end of the trial period on 800-281-0543 for a return authorization (RMA) number. Provided the RMA number is obtained prior to the end of the 30 day trial and ZQuiet  receive your returned mouthpiece by day 45, you will not be debited the additional $79.95.

To Take Advantage Of The ZQuiet 30 Day Trial – CLICK HERE To Visit The Official ZQuiet Website

Not a bad option to consider. It is a good marketing ploy by ZQuiet because they pick up the extra cash but at the same time you get to try it for just $9.95.

Win – Win situation in my opinion.

Positives And Negatives Of ZQuiet

In the best interests of a fair review of ANY product honest and transparency is vital in helping people make their own decisions.

I like ZQuiet but there are things I believe could be improved.

ZQuiet Positives

😀  ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA. ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose.

😀 Testimonials – don’t under estimate the power and relevance of good testimonials. They do influence people these days. Remember what I said about the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] regulations. Companies can go down for false advertising.

😀 It is a very safe product made from very safe materials. It will not become brittle and break.

😀 It is well priced at $79.95  with the Sales “Hook” of $9.95 on offer. It may appear expensive initially but ZQuiet is a far better quality mouthpiece than many others. Dentist designed mouthpieces start at around USD$250.00.

😀 The design features are a strong point for ZQuiet. The  “Lower Mandibular” [lower jaw] forward extension PLUS the “Living Hinge” design make it a leader. The forward configuration of the lower plate ensure a clear air passage is achieved at the rear of the throat.

😀 Success rate is high – upwards of 90%.

😀 The 30 day trial for $9.95 is a winner. You do have to pay your own postage to return it but it is still a cheap way of trying a product.

😀 Longevity – ZQuiet does have a reasonable good lifespan.  Those people who grind their teeth at night will find it needs replacement sooner.

😀 Able to purchase ZQuiet from many countries around the world including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland Plus a couple of physical locations. See full details below.

ZQuiet Negatives

🙁 It can be uncomfortable for some people during the wearing in period. It is not unusual to find it strange when you place the guard in your mouth for the first few times especially in the first week. Your lower jaw may ache somewhat because it is placed in different position. It will settle down once your mouth adjust. This is really not unusual even for the more expensive Dentist designed mouthpieces. It’s just part of the process but it is important you have expectations. I would recommend you wear it in over the first couple of weeks.

🙁 People who wear dentures cannot wear these stop snoring mouthpieces. It is an across the board issue for mandibular mouthpieces and not just a ZQuiet issue. One alternative is My Snoring Solution. To read my review – Click Here. The other alternative is a mouthpiece called Good Morning Snore Solution. Whilst it is a mouthpiece, it is not a mandibular mouthpiece, has an incredible return rate of only 2% and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Impressive. People who wear dentures can use Good Morning Snore Solution.

🙁 You cannot mold or adjust the mouthpiece to suit you. I initially thought this would be a problem but it works well enough and is not uncomfortable but others that do offer molding can sometimes be a better fit.

🙁 I have received some reports from users that the hinge seems to collapse and go soft after a few months. In doing so it loses the ability to hold the lower jaw in the forward advanced position. This necessitates continual purchases. I have only heard of two people experiencing this problem so far but it does seem to be an issue. I do believe the company is looking into a more durable construction however but I am not able to confirm details.

Overall the positive do outweigh the negatives. I have used ZQuiet in the past and found it to be very successful.

ZQuiet Mouthpiece Video Demonstration

It is very difficult to obtain a “Feel” for things on the internet so I have made this small demo video of my ZQuiet mouthpiece.

I do hope it helps.  Video is larger for better viewing.

Remember…..you will be sleeping in this mouthpiece, not entertaining your friends or going out to the movies.

ZQuiet Complaints

People will always have issues with things they purchase online and offline and ZQuiet is not exempt from this.

Here are ones that I have found. I have added some perspective to them to try and balance the objection.

👿 Expensive – At $79.95 plus $9.95 trial it is not the cheapest mouthpiece on the market but it is not the dearest either – :mrgreen: As an alternative, a purpose built mouthpieces via your Dentist can be in excess of $250. Found two complaints.

👿 It only has a lifespan of approximately 12 months – :mrgreen: Better than most but not as good as others. For the price it is a good result. Even Dentist manufactured mouthpieces don’t last much longer. Found two complaints.

👿 Teeth and Jaw hurts –  :mrgreen: This is a real issues with mouthpieces for sure, but realistically, these aches and pains do not last for ever. It certainly is not specific to the design of ZQuiet. The most complaints I found where based on this wearing in period and it is just that. Your body will take a bit of time adjusting. You have to remember that your lower jaw is being re-postioned slightly when you use it.

👿 Significant drooling and saliva buildup –  :mrgreen: I found this to be the case at times as well, at least until I became use to it. I experienced it as well. It is a common issue I have come to discover but it is associated with all mouthpieces and not just ZQuiet. Small price to pay in my opinion.

👿 Mouthpiece kept dislodging during the night – :mrgreen: Not just a ZQuiet issue. We tend to find our comfort zone when sleeping and will discharge it from time to time. Again I experienced this until I settled in. Found two complaints.

👿 Doesn’t work at all – :mrgreen: Realistic complaint. The statistics tell us that for some people it just doesn’t work.  With everything in life, sometimes things just don’t work for some like they do for others. Studies have confirmed a success rate of upward of 84% for mouthpieces utilizing a mandibular plate [lower jaw plate]. Found two complaints.

👿 After a couple of months the mouthpiece stops working – :mrgreen: Recent complaints have suggested that the strength of the mouthpieces “Living Hinge” fails, and the lower jaw plate is not able to hold the jaw forward. I did not have any issues in this regard. Two complaints.

Where Do You Buy ZQuiet

ZQuiet can be purchased in the USA via the official ZQuiet website PLUS  it can also be purchased online in select countries around the globe, including:

New Zealand


Visit the Official Website by using the link below and click on the link at the very top of the main page titled     “Looking To Purchase outside the US?”

It will open a small Pop Up which details the online order pages for the respective countries. Very Easy.

In addition – you can purchase in the following physical locations:

Juan de Ascaray 355 y Amazonas
Phone: 1-800-444-222 Fax: (593) 02 2448857
Quito — Ecuador

ul. Puńawska 324
02-819 Warszawa, Poland
office: +48 (22) 340 44 09

The Direct Marketing Company S.p.A.
Strada dei Censiti 5/a
47891 Rovereta di Falciano
Repubblica di San Marino
Tel. 0549.908908


This link will take you to the OFFICIAL ZQuiet Website


All links on this page will only ever take you to the official ZQuiet website.

My suggestion to you if you want to purchase online, then you only ever do so via the official site, because I am not sure who the other independent distributors are and you may be risking a non-genuine purchase.

Genuine Article

Extra Support For ZQuiet

Many people find it difficult to actually get to sleep at night and when they do they find their sleep is not a good quality.

Snorers are doing it hard from the get – go but partners are also subject to the ailments of snorers as you know well enough.Alteril Sleep Aid

I have written an article about a natural sleep aid called Alteril. Take a look at this Alteril Sleep Aid Reviews because it might just be the thing to support you and your partner at night.

Your partner may love you even more.


My Conclusions and Recommendations

ZQuiet is a good product and I would certainly recommend it to you for the following reasons:

  • It works – I have used it and it DOES work.
  • It is good value for money.
  • ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA.
  • It is one of the most popular mouthpieces on the market.
  • The 30 day trial is a great idea – well done to ZQuiet for this.
  • I have spoken to the founders a number of times. They are genuine and honest people who really had their own snoring problems.


If you feel you are not quite relating to ZQuiet then perhaps your preference might be something like the very new SnoreRx mouthpiece.

It is different to ZQuiet in the following ways:

😛 SnoreRx can be molded to custom fit the individual whereas ZQuiet is a universal fit.
😛 SnoreRx has a fully adjustable lower plate whereas ZQuiet is fixed – I found this a huge benefit.
😛 SnoreRx is a little more expensive but worthy of consideration. The design is outstanding.

I would recommend you read my SnoreRx Reviews to give yourself an all round balanced assessment.

If you have FULL dentures then neither of these will suit you so why not consider reading my review of the chin strap supporter My Snoring Solution.  If you still prefer a mouthpiece then take a look at Good Morning Snore Solution. It is not a forward movement mandibular mouthpiece and will suit those who are wearing dentures or experience jaw soreness. It has a fantastic return rate of only 2% plus a 30 day money back guarantee.

Everyone likes and relates to different things so I see my position here as someone who has “User” and “Research” experience.
It will be a personal choice. ZQuiet worked for me and so I would recommend it but even I have tried others and found them good as well.

Some Important Advice

Don’t limit your experience to just one mouthpiece, if the first one doesn’t work. This would be a BIG mistake on your behalf.

Yes – I know it cost money and money is hard to come by…….BUT…….snoring has serious health issues and you have to do all you can to get on top of it.  Make sure you try a few options, if at first you don’t succeed. It really is worth the effort and cost.

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